Electric Scooter

26 Sep
12 Sep
29 Aug

All About Electric Scooter Helmets

When riding an electric scooter, the most important piece of equipment that you should never leave without is a helmet! In fact, most states and territories that allow e-scooters in public require ...

22 Aug

Inokim OXO Review

Specifications Top Speed 25 kph / 64 kph Max Range 110 km Weight 33.5 kg Max Load 120 kg Peak Motor Power 2x1300W Charging Time 13.5 hours Max Slope 15 deg...

21 Jul
18 Jul
14 Jul

Segway E22 Review

Specifications Top Speed 20 kph Max Range 22 km Weight 13.5 kg Max Load 100 kg Motor 300W Charging Time 3.5 hours Max Slope 15% Tyres 9-inch dual-den...

12 Jul

Tips to Ride Electric Scooters Safely

Electric scooters are fast, affordable, efficient, and a lot of fun! However, as more electric scooters ride in the city, there are also increasing reports of accidents and injuries while riding th...

12 Jun

6 Reasons to Ride an Electric Scooter Today

In the past few years, you might have seen more electric scooters on Australian roads or lanes. Thanks to shared e-scooter schemes like Lime and Neuron as well as popular e-scooter brands like Xiao...