26 Aug

Don't Forget to Wear these Electric Skateboard Safety Gear

Unlike traditional skateboards, electric skateboards are often used for commuting and mobility rather than for leisure and tricks. After all, electric skateboards are heavier and more prone to damage than regular skateboards, making it difficult to use them for skateboard tricks. However, despite having a less risky purpose, electric skateboard riders still shouldn’t forget to wear their electric skateboard safety gears. 

Among all the electric mobility devices that riders and commuters are riding, electric skateboards are one of the most prone to accidents. After all, riders don’t have a handle to hold on to and it can be difficult to control and balance, especially for beginners. That’s why wearing electric skateboard protective gear is important whenever you ride.

With this, here is a list of must-have electric skateboard safety gears that you should invest in.

Wear these electric skateboard safety gears

Depending on how and where you are riding, you should always wear the right protective gear.

1. Helmet

No matter what mobility device you are riding, helmets are always a necessary safety gear to wear. In fact, at the very minimum, you should always wear a helmet. Even highly skilled skateboarders face serious injuries just because they didn’t wear helmets. 

When choosing an electric skateboard helmet, you can choose a standard skate or BMX helmet. There are also half-lid and full-face types of helmets available. Some helmets also come with LED lights, making them suitable for night riding as it makes riders visible to pedestrians and vehicles. 

The best electric skateboard helmet would be one that covers your whole face as it offers the best protection for your eyes and whole head. Full-face helmets may be uncomfortable for some people but it’s a great investment for avid e-skateboard riders.

2. Gloves or Wrist Guards

One of the best protective gear for skateboarding is gloves or wrist guards. Since e-skateboard riders are prone to falling, they are also prone to scratching or breaking their hands. After all, human instinct prompts people to use their hands as a cushion when falling. 

However, wrist guards offer more protection, but if you’re using a remote control, wrist guards may not be a convenient choice. You can also choose to wear longboard gloves, which are also called sliding gloves. It offers protection during “hands down” slides or falls.

3. Knee and Elbow Pads

As with other electric mobility devices, knee and elbow pads are also considered a staple when riding. These are also one of the best skateboard protective gears that you can wear as it protects sensitive parts of your body, specifically the knees and elbows. These pads minimise injury by providing a protective cover on your knees and elbows. 

Wearing them will also assure you that no matter how many times you fall during practice, you don’t have to worry about injuries. Experienced riders may choose not to wear them, but it’s highly recommended to wear knee and elbow pads when riding on rough or uneven surfaces. Falling on hard or rough surfaces can cause injuries to your knees and elbows.

4. Motorbike Jacket or Protective pants

If you plan on speeding with your electric skateboard or riding on uneven terrain, then one safety gear that you should invest in is skateboard protective clothing. These include a motorbike jacket or protective pants.

These clothing cover your whole upper or lower body, depending on which one you prefer to wear. Both have pads or protection at vital parts of your body, helping you protect your back, shoulders, breast, hips, or bum. For extra protection, you can choose to wear these full-body protective gear.

5. Underglow lights

Electric skateboard accessories like lights will not exactly protect you in case of a fall or collision, but installing underglow lights on your electric skateboard will help make you more visible when riding at night. During busy or dark footpaths, these lights will help other people, riders, and vehicles see you at night. Moreover, it can also help you see more of where you are going. Plus, underglow lights make your ride extra cool.

Why should you wear protective gear while riding?

Protect yourself from injury

First and foremost, wearing protective gear will protect your vital body parts from serious injuries in case of an accident. The most common injuries among e-skateboarders include abrasions, bruises, injuries to the hand, wrist, or shoulder, head concussions, and knee and ankle injuries. Your chances of sustaining serious injuries during accidents significantly drop down just by wearing protective gear.

Follow the law

Lastly, most laws on mobility devices require riders to wear electric skateboard safety gear, especially a helmet. As more mobility devices are being allowed in public, guidelines are stricter for the safety of the riders and the public. E-skateboard riders who are caught without proper protective gear may face fines according to their local legislation.

Have fun and protect yourself while riding

Remember that accidents can happen while riding. Some of the most common accidents for electric skateboard and longboard riders are when they:

  • Go beyond their skills, resulting in losing control and falling
  • Ride on improper or uneven surfaces such as curbstones and cracked pavements
  • Skate during rainy, wet, or slippery conditions
  • Speed up too much, especially in crowded or public areas
  • The remote control disconnects
  • The regenerative braking stops working

So, the best way to enjoy your trips is to ride responsibly and wear electric skateboard safety gear to protect yourself in case of falling or collision.